Video Analysis Package

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4 hours £400

5 hours £4506 hours £500

Important note: This course is over two days, giving us time to edit the videos in between sessions.


Details about the package

Advance with speed and perfect your riding with our video analysis package.

This is an amazing way to see first hand where your technique can improve. Seeing yourself ride with coaching points alongside can help you add style and conquer that trick you have always dreamt of landing. Plus you will have a cool video of you doing it to show everyone.

With this package of private coaching we split coaching over two days. (leaving us time to edit your videos and debrief with you the next day, before the second session).

On the first day we will start with theoretical knowledge of what we are trying to achieve. Then we head into the water to put the knowledge into action whilst filming and progressing with constant coaching feedback.

On the second day we will start the lesson by watching the footage collected and analysing where achievable improvements can be made. Then we head back to the water with our knowledge paired with the visual analysis to achieve your set goals.

This second session will also be filmed to see progression and will be edited into a short clip that we will send you so you can look back at your achievements and learn from the experience.


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