We are based in South-East Kent, on the Isle of Thanet. This is an amazing destination for water sports and kitesurfing in particular, because of its beautiful and accessible coastline filled with sandy beaches. No matter the wind direction, we can and we will find a spot to kitesurf within a 20 minute drive.Our main locations are Pegwell Bay and Minnis Bay.

Pegwell bay is the ideal learning environment because of it large open spaces, shallow and calm water. The bay is south east facing and it is safe to kite there with a south westerly through to a north easterly wind.

Through the summer months the prevailing wind here in Thanet is a south westerly, this means that Pegwell Bay is our go to learning location. During this time the Hugin Green car park is open along with toilets and the lovely viking ship cafe where they serve a range of beverages and delicious food. 

This is a National Nature reserve, Kent Wildlife Trust’s largest and it is of international importance for it bird populations. we are very lucky to be able to use such a beautiful location and share it with some amazing wildlife including the numerous species of birds and a large colony of seals that live near the mouth of the River Stour. We ask that you treat this area and its inhabitants with respect. This means we have to very mindful of the feeding birds and do not disturb them. To do so we use the Hugin Green location at high tide and the western under cliff location at low tide. By doing this we do not walk across the mud flats and disturb the wildlife.

Minnis Bay is another great beach for learning water sports and is located on the northern coast of Thanet.

Being a north facing beach means that the spots safest wind directions range from west through to east with north westerlies being the most prominent wind here. You will notice that the temperature will drop slightly on this side of the coast due to the northerly winds. We recommend that you pack an extra layer incase and to bring your own wetsuit boots.

This beach is only accessible from half to low tide due to the sands being covered at high tide. The waters here are still very shallow for around 100m at low tide making it a great learning location. One downside of this location is that in some areas there are rocks hidden beneath the water. This is why we recommend wearing wetsuit boots to protect your feet.

This area has a range of facilities on offer with car parking, cafe, bar and brasserie, toilets, windsurfing club and sailing club. It's a great place to kite and to sit back, relax and watch the abundance of water sport action unfolding along this beautiful coastline.