Teaching locations

We are located on the south eastern corner of Kent in the Isle of Thanet. Just over an hours drive from London and easily accessable by train. This is such an amazing place for wind sports as there is always a spot to ride, no matter the wind direction.

We teach in two different locations, depending on the wind. Our main teaching locations are Minnis Bay and Pegwell Bay, both in Thanet and only a 15 minuits drive from each other.

southerly winds

Pegwell Bay

On the southern side of Thanet, Pegwell Bay faces south east and is the perfect spot for learners. With shallow waters and a wide open space, you will feel safe and at ease learning with our team of instructors.

There are two different launching sites at this bay due to the large tidal range. At high tide we launch nearer the Viking Cafe area and at low tide we launch from the western undercliff. This minimises the amount of walking before and after the lesson to give you more energy for the fun bit.

This spot is safe to ride with winds from the south west though to north east. This is great as the prodominant winds through the summer months are warm south westerly winds that flow across the shore. Perfect conditions for learning as the waves are normally very small and the surface of the water nice and flat so you can make the most out of your lesson time.

As the bay is mostly shallow, kitesurfing is the most commen watersports you will see here. There is sometimes the rare sight of a windsurfer or a wing foiler in the bay but its not the greatest place for these sports because of the depth.

At the High tide end of Pegwell Bay on Hugin green there is the fantastic Viking Cafe where you can get a range of food and refreshments. there is also a toilet and plenty of space to park.

The closest train station is Ramsgate at the moment but from May 2023 the Thanet Parkway Railway Station will be open. That will be a 15 minut walk or a 5 minuit bike ride.

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Northerly winds

Minnis Bay

On the other side of Thanet, Minnis Bay faces north and is an awesome destination for most watersports. This is a lovely golden sand beach with mostly calm and flat waters that are perfect for learning.

This spot is safe to ride with Westerly though to Easterly winds with our favourite diection being westerly with a touch of north. On this side of the coast you will normally feel a little bit colder due to the northerly winds but the beautiful beach and location more than make up for it.

At this beach, the high tide comes up to the prominade. This means we can only launch and land kites two hours after and before high tide. The ideal time to ride here is at low tide as you will have plenty of space to set up and the water will be a lot flatter.

There are plenty of other watersports here. On a busy day you will see kitesurfers, windsurfers, wing foilers and sailers all on the water at the same time. It's great to see! The wing foiling scene here has been steadily growing in recent years and its a great place to take those first rides while being in a safe enviroment.

With plenty of free and payed parking options close to the beach, the spot is very easliy accessed. The Minnis Bay Brasserie is a favorite dining spot for most and there is also the Waves bed and breakfast that serve a great lunch. Toilets are located in the car park and there is also a shower on the prominade to rinse off after a long lesson.

The nearest train station is Birchington, a 20 minute walk or a 5 minute bike ride to the beach. We can normally arrange a pick up from the station if needed so please don't hesitate to ask.

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Bring your booties

Neoprene boots are essentials for lessons - bring yours or buy some in our store.

bring your water bottle

We encourage our students to bring their own reusable water bottle.

bring a smile

Please be respectful of the Tide Team and bring your best attitude to the lessons.

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