Kitesurfing Initiation

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Duration: 4 hours

Cost: £120 per person
Details about the course
Through this course we will give you an insight into what kitesurfing is about and teach to you the fundamentals of the sport.
Firstly learning the theoretical knowledge, safety guidelines and basic kite handling skills that are the foundation of all kite sports. Once we have developed your knowledge and skills we are ready to introduce you to the inflatable kite (LEI) after a quick break. When the break is over we will ready ourselves for the water by putting on our wetsuit, harness, leash, helmet and buoyancy aid. At the waters edge we will learn about rigging a kite, how to complete our pre flight checks, operate a four line bar and utilise the three safety steps.

After learning how to handle the kite you will be launching the kite as an assistant and going over various hand signals we use during launching and landing. When the kite is in the sky your instructor will lead you into the water to experience the pull by doing your first body drags, water re- launches and finishing off with an emergency pack down.
Lesson Highlights
- Site assessment
- Theoretical Knowledge
- Equipment familiarisation
- Basic kite control
- Rigging the kite
- Safety procedures
- Launching and landing
- Water re-Launch
- Downwind body drag
- Directional body drag
- Emergency pack down
Good to know
For an additional £20, your instructor will take a GoPro in the water and snap some pictures of you in action during the lesson…We will then edit and send the pictures to you within a few days of the lesson. Make sure to select this option at checkout if you fancy some action shots!
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