Our Team


Founder & Head Instructor

• Riding since 2003
• BKSA Instructor since 2016
• BKSA Senior Instructor since 2018
• IKO Level 2 Instructor since 2018
• Cabrinha South Africa Instructor 2018-2019

Big air, Freeride, Foiling

Our founder and head instructor is a well rounded waterman with a great knowledge of water sports. He has travelled to many spots around the world and has seen first hand the growth of kiteboarding from its infancy. He was just 12 years old when he witnessed the sport on TV while watching the extreme sports channel. From then on, he was hooked. He bought his first kite from saving his paper round money and learnt how to kite by watching kiteboarding DVD’s followed by a lot of trial and error.

As well as being a high level rider in most kiteboarding disciplines, Michael is also a keen surfer and loves to spend flat, non windy days on the stand up paddle board. His love for the water really shows through his passionate teaching and we are sure that passion for the water will extend to the Tide Team.


Misty Cliffs - South Africa / Cape Hatteras slicks - USA / Margate Main Sands - UK



• Riding since 2018
• Learned wave-riding and surfing in South Africa
• Freelance Illustrator and Designer since 2015
• Instructor since 2022


Big air, Wave riding

Our Creative Director and designer is originally from France and her love for the water started very early in her life, on the sunny shores of Corsica - an island in the Mediterranean where part of her family is from. She does and loves it all: freediving (preferably in warm waters), scuba diving (preferably where she could see sharks and whales), kite surfing, surfing, SUPing…She’s in love with the Planet and its oceans and in her day job as a freelance Illustrator and Designer, she prioritises working with eco-friendly and sustainably minded brands.

When she isn’t painting or designing colourful stuff, she'll be teaching for TIDE. She is super keen to bring more women into the sports, so let's go girls!


Margate Main Sands - UK / Kite beach - South Africa / Calvi - Corsica


Senior Instructor

• Riding since 2006
• Instructor since 2017
• Senior Instructor since 2022


Ray has been kitesurfing since he saw Ned Taylor kitesurfing on Exmouth beach over 15 years ago, From that moment he was hooked! He booked his lessons and was taught by the british champion himself. From that moment there was no stopping him. He threw himself at watersports, wakeboarding, paddle boarding and sailing. He gave it all a go and settled with kitesurfing. He's kited all over the world and even in the Falklands with the penguins!

Ray has spent most of his kitesurfing career with British Army, representing the Royal Engineers kitesurfing team at the Army championships. He has also completed all his instructior qualifications through the British Army set up and spent the best part of his instructior time teaching service men and women. His enthusiasm, professionalism and drive to get the best out of each student shines through everyone of his sessions.


Minnis Bay - UK / Camber Sands - UK / Thorny Island - UK / Hang Loose Beach - Italy



• Riding since 2020
• BKSA Instructor since 2022

Freeride but wanting to progress in directional wave riding and foiling/winging

Kirk started off in winter sports working seasons as a Ski and Snowboard guide in France, Italy, Bulgaria and Andorra. To then be tempted into a summer working towards a windsurfing instructor apprenticeship. After working in Greece and Egypt for a few years teaching windsurfing and sailing, he came back to the UK.

After a family holiday to Hurghada in Egypt where he had some kitesurfing lessons, he came back to the UK in search of some more lessons. One of his work clients recommended Mike at Tide Watersports to teach him to become an independent kitesurfer. After this he wanted to teach again to share a new found passion for the sport. Having now completed the kiteboarding instructors course, he is super excited to be teaching upcoming seasons at Tide.


Minnis Bay - UK / Pegwell Bay - UK