Kitesurfing Development

BB Talking Hedsets
You have passed your initiation into kiteboarding and are looking to develop your skills so that you can get onto the board and ride into the sunset with style. With our development lessons we tailor the coaching to fit around your needs to get you up and riding swiftly, smoothly and safely.

From here we fully recommend our private tuition to hone your skills and ride upwind, master transitions and even try your first jumps.
Lesson highlights
- Independent site assessment
- Independent rigging, launching and Landing
- Master the upwind body drag
- Develop Board riding skills
- Kiteboarding etiquette
- Points of sailing and riding angles
Once Purchased we will add you to our school WhatsApp group where we post available lesson slots when a good forecast comes. We will then book you into a slot that works for you. 
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All lessons include equipment rental and insurance

Towel / poncho • Shorts / Swimsuit • Warm clothes • Water & snacks • Sunglasses • Wetsuit boots

For a rapid learning experience, choose the headset option for an extra £20. The two way Bluetooth headsets give you constant feedback with a direct connection to your instructor. This makes you feel at ease in the water and speeds up progression.

For an additional £20, your instructor will take a GoPro in the water and snap some pictures of you in action during the lesson…We will then edit and send the pictures to you within a few days of the lesson. Make sure to select this option at checkout if you fancy some action shots!

Bring booties

Neoprene boots are essentials for lessons - bring yours or buy some in our store.

Bring water

We encourage our students to bring their own reusable water bottle.

Bring a smile

Please be respectful of the Tide Team and bring your best attitude to the lessons.

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