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Duration: 3 hours

Minimum Age - 8 years old (Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian if below 18 years old)

Cost: Starting at £100 per person

Details about the course

Landboarding is great if you want to get into kite sports but don’t want to get wet. It’s also amazing for building a foundation of kite skills and board skills for when you want to move onto other kite sports discipline such as kitesurfing.

With the landboarding Initiation, we will start as we do with a kitesurfing lesson. Beginning with an introduction, safety briefing and basic kite handling skills. You will then learn some advanced flying techniques to create power with the kite and then move onto the landboard. From here, you will learn to board start, ride across the wind, upwind and stop safely.

With the landboarding development, you will be building on your current knowledge of the kite and landboard. We might introduce a little bit more power by using a larger kite and teaching you more advanced board riding techniques like skidding stops, transitions and jumping.

One to One coaching is the best way to progress fast. We use BBtalking radio headsets that will have you constantly connected for direct feedback to help you progress. This is great if you want to learn more advanced tricks. This is £50 an hour with a minimum of two hours.



Lesson highlights

  • Safety briefing

  • Theoretical Knowledge

  • Kite control

  • Advanced Flying techniques

  • Landboarding

  • Debrief


Good to know

We can teach up to 4 people at the same time for the Initiation and Development lessons.

We teach landboarding either at Palm Bay in Margate or Minnis Bay in Birchington.


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